Parco dei Poeti situates on the green hills of Teramo, surrounded by a striking landscape looking from one side to the sea and the other to the Gran Sasso.

Just few minutes from the small town Cellino Attanasio, our restaurant is near some centers of artistic and naturalistic interest: Atri and its Badlands, Marine Area of Cerrano, Teramo and Pescara among the others.

Atri and Badlands

Atri is one of the most important town in middle Italy, full of monuments, mansions and peculiar squares, as Cathedral Square, Duchi d'Acquaviva Square. Atri is also one of the most beautiful village near Teramo from the historic, artistic and naturalistic points of view.

In fact, it rests on magnificent Badlands, peculiar eroded rocks which are particularly spectacular in Abruzzo.

Regional Nature Reserve of Badlands in Atri extends to 380 acres and it's open to tours and excursions, with marked paths to horseback riding, hiking or mountain biking.

Atri saves its history thanks to typical traditions as the folk night of Faugni. Every year on the 8th of December, at dawn, high bundles of reeds are burned as propitiatory fires before the winter solstice.

There is a huge bonfire in the main square, where all the shops, bar, restaurant are open all night long.

Marine Area of Cerrano

The Tower of Cerrano is located on the sea between Silvi Marina and Pineto.

It is one of the ancient coastal towers built by the kingdom of Naples in 1568. Today the tower is an office of the Biology Center of the Institute of Zooprofilattico in Abruzzo and Molise (IZS A&M) and since 2009 the area was declared Marine Protected Area of Cerrano Tower. It also houses Sea Museum, Info Point of the Area and the International Center of Veterinary medicine of IZS A&M.

All around the Tower there is a wonderful mediterranean garden, open to the public everyday.


Teramo has its historical roots in ancient times, when it was inhabited by Praetutii. Over the centuries there were many dominators and the buildings in the town preserve the signs of different ages. The Cathedral in the main square has a great artistic value with a Romanesque and gothic style and it dates back to the early centuries of the years 1000.

Melatino Palace instead belong to medieval age, while the great Psychiatric Hospital, now abandoned, was built in 1300. There are also nineteenth century buildings, as Castle of Monica or Delfico Palace.

Teramo has some archeological sites, as the Roman amphitheatre, in the center of the town, and some other homes of the Roman era.


Pescara is a young and dynamic city, perfect for shopping and full of history, above all in the old part of the city, where Gabriele D'Annunzio lived.

In this area, today there is the hub of nightlife in Pescara thanks to nightclubs of all kinds. On the waterfront there are many restaurants and bars, but also the peculiar Bridge Over The Sea, the symbol of the city.

Among the things not to be missed we also signal the Aurum, the Cathedral of San Cetteo, the Museum of Modern Art and various yearly events.