Il Parco dei Poeti is even more welcoming and hospitable thanks to new rooms designed to offer you the opportunity to spend a relaxing holiday in the Abruzzo countryside or a break during your business trips.

Located about a quarter of an hour from the sea and about ahalf hour from the mountains, our location is ideal to spend a few carefree day into our new fresh and unique in its kind areas.

In fact, we want to differentiate every room with original decor and style, paying a particular attention to details and aiming to create a sophisticated and exclusive atmosphere.

The rooms of Il Parco dei Poeti are:

» “Re Sole”: it is named after Louis XIV of France and offers a magnificent, almost Regal, featuring stylish details that carry the guest in a time where comfort and luxury were the order of the day.

» “Gigante che dorme”: itis the room dedicated to the Gran Sasso, the profile of our mountains is reminiscent of a giant lying in his peaceful rest. Guests can relax in the tranquillity of the pleasant surroundings.

» “Non tiscordar di me”: it is named after the flower, but also it wants to be a hint for the guest who will pass by some unforgettable moments in this room, where every detail is likely to remain etched in memory. For example, the characteristic canopy over the bed, creating a cozy and romantic atmosphere.

» “Giardino incantato”: in this room the guests are immersed in a natural and relaxing dimension, lulled by the shades of green and wood details, reminiscent of a garden, and the presence of animals, such as flamingos, parrots, frogs, birds, which send the guest in an enchanted atmosphere, exotic and far away from the cold City lines.

» “Sogno d’estate”: with a name inspired by the work of Shakespeare "A Midsummer Night's Dream", the room welcomes the guest in a lively and fantastic environment, where everything suggests an escape from everyday life to take refuge in a peaceful and relaxing dream.

» “Nuvole danzanti”: is the right room to experience the lightness of a holiday, to feel free to relax and enjoy the Abruzzo countryside. The choice of an essential furniture and soft pastel shades aims to convey the same freedom that gives us look at the movement of clouds, soft and ineffable, but able to let the imagination fly.

» “Profumo”: it is the room with the warmest and most enveloping tones, ideal to allow yourself a stay alone or in a couple dedicated completely to yourself and to the recovery of your balance.

All our rooms are equipped with the main comforts, including private bathroom with courtesy set, large showers, TV, sockets with direct USB connection. Furthermore, some rooms have a balcony, equipped with a table and chairs, and a mini-bar.

The structure that houses our rooms is also characterized by a large window that opens the gaze on the park and the pools.

Here at Il Parco deiPoeti, the new rooms are ready to welcome any type of customer: travelers, vacationers, businessmen, but with one goal: to make everyone feel at home, but with more attention!

Useful information:
- Reception is open from 9.30am to 12.00pm;
- Daily cleaning included in the price;
- No minimum stay.

To book, you can contact us to (+39) 0861 668808 or