Parco dei Poeti is one of the most charming building in Abruzzo, thanks to both its panoramic position, near Cellino Attanasio, and refined interiors, which characterize the restaurant in elegance and style.

The two halls of the location have so many ?particular details.

D?Annunzio Room shows an unusual wooden roof, in contrast with pale colors of tablecloths, and it is flooded of light by large windows, overlooking the surrounding garden with the felling to be in the nature.

Leopardi Room, instead, has a classical style, enriched with decors and a work of art by Giorgio Formicone, which is very elegant. On the outside there is another painting about a man, who controls instinct becoming a groom able to create a family.

Details, style and art make this large location precious and allow to organize perfect and well-finished events.

The big halls of Parco dei Poeti fit for business meetings and conferences. Our staff is completely available to meet all the needs of organizers and participants.